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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is ideal for women.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was created specifically to empower the smaller person to consistently overcome the bigger, stronger, more aggressive opponent.  When women are attacked they are often taken to the ground by a larger more aggressive assailant and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu effectively addresses this situation.

BJJ Stapleton is dedicated to bringing its students precise Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction. Women are welcome at all of our regularly scheduled classes and we pride ourselves on offering a fun, friendly, athletically challenging atmosphere which caters to anyone, women and men alike, looking to learn effective, authentic, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Additionally, we offer Ladies Only BJJ Classes which give women the opportunity to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in classes for women, taught by women.

One organization that has done excellent things for Womens’ Jiu Jitsu is “Girls In Gis,” which offers free Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminars to introduce women to the amazing art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. BJJ Stapleton has been a proud participant in the Girls In Gis events ever since Girls In Gis held its very first event here in Colorado. This excerpt from the Girls in Gis Blog describes why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is so great for women (the full blog entry can be found at: Girls In Gis: First Blog Post):

“I tried out a jiu-jitsu class that had one other girl… What I enjoyed about that first class was the variety of movements and techniques to learn. Plus the first week everyone lets you win so I was like, “Wow, I really submitted that huge guy, I rock!” [The other girl] and I trained together for a few months until she moved away never to return again. So then I was left with just me and a bunch of sweaty guys…

Somewhere along the way I quit caring that I was the only girl in the room and did actually start submitting guys without them letting me win. Do you know how much fun it is to have some spazzy guy coming at you with all of his might and just arm bar him over and over again? You don’t even have to do anything, the harder he tries the easier it is to submit him. That’s when I realized this sport is perfect for women. The benefits I have gained from training are limitless, but some of the big ones are self-defense, self-confidence and conditioning.

I’ll start with self defense. My friends are always asking me what I would do if someone attacked me. I don’t by any means think I could take on any attacker and I don’t know for sure what I would do, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t freak out. As long as I have my head I have a chance. I don’t think he could do anything to me that hadn’t been done to me in class. Jiu-jitsu teaches techniques based on leverage and teaches you how to use your opponents strength against them which is the perfect defense to someone bigger and stronger than you are.

Self-confidence. This right here is why I think every woman should take jiu-jitsu. To know that you are not weak and helpless. This realization has carried over into all areas of my life.

Finally, conditioning. Most people that know me wouldn’t believe this, but I hate to work out. That’s why I have found work outs that aren’t really work outs. Jiu-jitsu is way more fun than running or lifting weights. At first I was dying just trying to get through 1 round, but if you just keep doing it you learn to relax and eventually the cardio work sneaks up on you and you didn’t even realize you had done it…

I can’t wait to train with a room full of girls.”

07-25-2015 - Girls in Gis - Denver BJJ Seminars - Makenzie Dern Ladies Seminar at CBJJ Denver HQ - Makenzie rolling with Teri Stewart

07-25-2015 - Girls in Gis - Denver BJJ Seminars - Makenzie Dern Ladies Seminar at CBJJ Denver HQ - Technique 7

Sunday Training Ladies 04-10-2016

Ladies Only - Rolling - Teri v Natalie - 04-15-2016

Ladies Only - 04-15-2016

Kate Stewart - Mackenzie Dern - Teri Stewart - Fight To Win Pro 4 - 04-08-2016

07-25-2015 - Girls in Gis - Denver BJJ Seminars - Makenzie Dern Ladies Seminar at CBJJ Denver HQ - Group Pic


Fight To Win 2014 Colorado Open - CBJJ Stapleton Ladies Crew - Coach Teri Stewart - Rachel Ballard - Natalie DiNingrat - Shannon Shomo





Kate & Teri - Medal & Sword - Gold

Fight To Win 2014 Colorado Open - Rachel Ballard - Bronze Medal - Yum



CBJJ Stapleton Ladies on the Medal Stand - 2013 Fight To Win Tournament of Champions 12 - Kate Stewart (Gold) - Teri Stewart (Gold) - Heather Westman (Silver & Bronze)

Girls In Gis - CBJJ Stapleton - Warm Up - 09-20-2015

Girls In Gis - CBJJ Stapleton - Group 2 - 09-20-2015-1 BW Splash

Ladies Night Pic - 08-2016

Teri - Gold





07-25-2015 - Girls in Gis - Denver BJJ Seminars - Makenzie Dern Ladies Seminar at CBJJ Denver HQ - Technique 8



Girls In Gis - Boss - CBJJ Denver HQ - 03-15-2015

Fight To Win 2014 Colorado Open - Rachel Ballard - Natalie DiNingrat - Gold and Silver Medals - CBJJ Stapleton





Girls In Gis - CBJJ Stapleton - Group - 09-20-2015





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Luarel Rann -Shannon Shomo - Natilie Dinigrat - Fight To Win Nationals 11-14-2015

Natalie and Shannon - Medals all around - 03-29-2014 - Super Cup BJJ Tourney Colorado Springs

Rigan Machado Seminar - Shannon - Natalie - Teri - Lindsey - Rigan - Denver HQ - 05-30-2015

Girls In Gis - CBJJ Stapleton - Group 2 - 09-20-2015

Bia Mesquita Seminar - Bia Mesquita & host Shannon Shomo - CBJJ Denver HQ - 08-16-2015

Bia Mesquita Seminar - Instructing - CBJJ Denver HQ - 08-16-2015

Ladies Only - Rolling - Heather & Kate - 04-15-2016

Ladies Only - Guard Sit Ups - Heather & Teri - 04-15-2016

Ladies - 2015 with Makenzie Dern

07-25-2015 - Girls in Gis - Denver BJJ Seminars - Makenzie Dern Ladies Seminar at CBJJ Denver HQ - Airport Escort

07-25-2015 - Girls in Gis - Denver BJJ Seminars - Makenzie Dern Ladies Seminar at CBJJ Denver HQ - Airport Escort 2

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