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Don’t Rush Challenge, Colorado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Stapleton Ladies Style:

This is what BJJ Stapleton Blue Belt Kate Stewart had to say about it:

“Y’all are absolutely beautiful inside and out! Thank you for inspiring me each and every day. I am truly grateful that I got to grow up surrounded by strong powerful women who inspire me to see my own beauty and strength each day. It’s a hard and cruel world, full of mixed messages and expectations for us women, and for everyone living in it. But here I’ve always had people who support me in any form I’m in. This video is meant to celebrate that. We are all strong, powerful, and beautiful no matter how this quarantine has been treating us. Hopefully it will inspire others who don’t have a family as strong as this one to see themselves as beautiful as well during these repulsive times. I love u all thanks for the laughs and giggles this project has brought to me!”

Way to go BJJ Stapleton Ladies Team!

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